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We implement and manage group benefits for our clients. There are a variety of employee benefit plan options available, including coverage for prescriptions, paramedical services, vision, dental, ambulance, and travel.

We have our fingers on the pulse of the group benefits market. We know your needs and we understand that value and quality are important to you and your employees. Choice and flexibility along with cost containment ideas help you in making sound decisions about what is best for your organization. Aurora Workplace Solutions has the experience and knowledge needed to guide you as we work with clients to provide group benefits to a variety of industries across Saskatchewan. Let Aurora Workplace Solutions help you find the best group benefits plan for your companies needs!

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Our Group Benefits Clients

We provide Group benefit plans for a wide variety of clients, with varying group sizes.  Our clients include:

  • Farmers and Farming Corporations
  • General and Trades Contractors

  • Non-Profit Organizations

  • Consultants

  • Professional Corporations
  • Dentists

  • Doctors

  • Home-Based Businesses

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